A truck driving down the street in front of some buildings.

Customer Oriented

We take the best care of our customers and look forward to serving them to the best of our abilities. We build personal relationships with each and every customer. Our services are customer-oriented and not a standard cookie-cutter model. We are committed to the requirements specified by our customers and live up to them.

Delivery Commitment

Logistics is more about timely delivery than anything else. A delay in delivery can exponentially escalate to millions of dollars sometimes. We follow through on this completely. Customer schedules are our primary concern.

Competitive Pricing

In addition, F&T Trucking works with customers on a larger scale to help them save money and offer competitive pricing. We are loyal to the customer and honor our loyal partners.

Always Improving

Listening keenly to our customers has another advantage. It helps us stay on point and be empathetic to their needs. We are in a constant mode of learning and improving our services to become the preferred choice for consumers in the transportation industry.

F&T Trucking is truly an American Dream story. Over 50 years ago, Tony came to America not knowing the language. Tony took on a partner, Fausto, in 1973 to help break the language barrier in a new country. In the early 90s, Tony's son Anthony bought out Fausto. All my life, my companies have been in the same neighborhood as F&T, and over the years, I have developed a great relationship with Tony. We both hold the same great family values, that's why a few years ago when Tony and his family wanted to retire, I was honored by his offer for me to purchase F&T. My reasons for doing this is to keep the F&T name alive since Tony spent 50 years building this name, and my goal is to take F&T to the next level.

F&T originally stood for Fausto and Tony, but as we're evolving, F&T will now stand for Freight and Trains. F&T's new core business will be translating box cars at our rail siding facility, servicing multiple customers nationwide of all different goods and commodities while still handling the traditional trucking business at our other locations, which F&T has built a great reputation for over the years.

Joseph Corbisiero